Walmart Ad Deals Jun 29 – Jul 14, 2018 | 4th of July Celebration

Walmart Ad Deals Jun 29 Jul 14 2018Summer food sales create ideas for summer grilling and outdoor partying. Walmart Ad is one of the great ads where you will find fantastic snacks and grill meat. For example, Angus beef patties will cost $16.82 for 4 lbs. Marketside’s healthy and packaged food offers are great side dishes. Burgers are an elementary part of grilling parties and Sam’s Choice frozen angus beef burgers will cost only $8.98 at Walmart.

A fine list of what you will probably need for the summer gatherings is available on pg 2-3. Seafood is also present on the same pages. Walmart offers money back guarantee. Find fresh products like bell peppers, sweet onions, tomatoes on pg 3. If you like to consume junk food and snacks, go to pg 4 for Lay’s chips deal. Rollback deal by Walmart offers $2.50 for each chips pack. They are 8-10 oz.

Sweets in deli and bakery could make great 4th of July food. Delicious Marketside XL supreme or ultimate meat pizza will cost $8. Mexican food like Great Value taco shells, McCormick taco seasoning, sour cream, refried beans and more are worth to look at.

If you want to renew something about your BBQ equipment, please view the prices on pg 14. Jumbo Joe charcoal grill is $68! Besides, portable and disposable products, plastic plates, and more like-class offers are in the sale of the new Walmart specials week.

More in this weekly ad is surely viewable. Visit the final part of the ad for summer entertainment. Inflatable pools, swimwear and summer comfy and casual clothing for kids are on sale. George products are exclusive items to Walmart. Also, smartphones, TVs and more for your home.