Walmart Ad Food Deals Jan 27 - Feb 14 2017

Online sales of big stores tend to be great sources of snacks, beverage and party food including packaged pizzas, and quick food that are suitable to serve in any type of gathering this week. Walmart Ad Food Deals Jan 27 - Feb 14 2017It's caused by the Super Bowl Li that will take place in Houston, Feb 5 this year. Everybody looks forward stocking up the best snacks and other foods. Reduce the cost for such shopping via Walmart Ad Food Deals Jan 27 - Feb 14 2017. It contains almost any kind of good food you would seek. You can find deli pizzas, cheese on pg 2. Frozen food is available and organic options have not been forgotten. See some organic food on pg 6. If you are fan of light meals, salad blends, then check out pg 8-9 to get the top deals. Rollback savings are easy to see through these deals.

Screamin' sicilian supremus maximus or bessie's revenge pizza $5.98 - $1 rollback
Marketside organic vegetable tray $10.78
Tostitos scoops 10 oz. $2.50 - $.48 rollback saving

Cheese trays and cheese dips served with pizza and deli sandwich are essential part of a good party ! Take a look at pg 2-3 for the selection of Walmart.

Man dip spicy sausage or fiery chicken $3.98
Marketside medium premium meat and cheese tray $42
Hillshire farm beef lit'l smokies $2.50 ea - save $.98

Snacks, chips, crisps, crackers and soda packs which are classics are available on pg 4 of the Walmart Ad. Find out a nice selection by Walmart on pg 4.

Oreo cookies $2.98 pg 4
Cheez-It baked snack crackers $2.88
Mountain dew, Pepsi, or Orange crush, 12 pk $3.33
Doritos cool ranch or Nacho cheese chips $2.50 ea
Monster Energy Drink 16 fl oz. $1.88

For outdoor fun, you need portable table, party cups, napkins etc. They are all featured on pg 5. You can get a centerfold table for only $38.88 ! Healthy food by Walmart Ad will do no harm to your budget. Excellent products of organic food by Great Value are available on pg 6. Everybody shops for packaged food but only few brands can offer you premium quality of quick meals and packaged pizza. One of the premium brands is appearing on this ad by Walmart. On pg 7, there is a nice selection of Sam's Choice products featuring pasta, chicken meal, pizza and more. My favorite part from this ad:

Marketside cobb Single serve salad $3.98
Southwest salad $3.98
Deli chicken wings 20 pk $10 ea
Marketside pepperoni & mozzarella pizza $3.98
Fresh cut pineapple $3.88 ea

I only included good deals and items which may save you with rollbacks. Take a look at the preview to see all deals.

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