Walmart Ad Food and Snacks July 16 – 27 2017

Walmart Ad Food and Snacks July 16 - 27 2017Check out new food range of Walmart. It includes your favorite brands and snacks. Organic food is also on sale at Walmart. This ad can help you spot the good deals, make a list of shopping items, shop for awesome values. Walmart Ad food and snacks are in the content of first 6 pages. Summer fun will be good with the food you can find on pg 6 that offers rare values as well. Rollback savings are additional discounts which make it easier to hunt for deals. Great Value ice cream, sandwich and mix of sweets are currently on sale. Starting from today, shop for these items if you are into it. Walmart easy meals are a way to eat whatever you want for today.

Check out cover page of this ad;

Enjoy classic chips taste of Fritos, Doritos, and Cheetos on pg 3. By the way tell me which brand is your favorite one ? You can get a $2.50 rollback saving with bean dip of these brands. An awesome sale of junk food or sauce, buns are also viewable on pg 3. Beverage sale of Walmart can be seen on pg 4. Great Value single serving products for parties or outdoor activities with a lot of people are on pg 4.

Shop for great products of sweets featuring rollback savings. On pg 5-6 find ice cream, cupcakes and more. You can get Great Value classic dipped ice cream cones variety 8 pk for only $4.98 this week ! Chocolate chip cookie mix is $1.74 and Homestyle vanilla ice cream of 48 fl oz. is $2.97 at Walmart Ad.

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