Walmart Ad Game Time Food Feb 2 2016

Walmart Ad Game Time Food Feb 2 2016 with snacks and a lot of tasty food products, delicious seafood, gifts for Valentine’s Day like sweet treats, kids’ products are also on sale in the ad. Walmart Ad Game Time Food Feb 2 2016Don’t browse useless and nonsense things through the entire internet. You can find everything you need with only one browse in the Walmart ads. Don’t miss this chance for Valentine’s day if you really want to buy good gifts. Have the perfect ad for the gifts and snacks of games ! While watching your favorite show have these beautiful food with you as well.


SNACKS of Farm Rich, Jalapeno peppers, chicken wings, mozzarella sticks ON PG 2
NAPPIES and paper towels ON PG 2
LIPTON ice tea, green tea, loaded tatchos ON PG 3
MEXICAN food and snacks with hot sauces ON PG 4
SEAFOOD like packaged shrimp, fresh atlantic salmon, lobster tails, swai fillets ON PG 4
VALENTINE’S DAY sweet treats, oreo cookies, turtles satin heart, Lindt lindor milk ON PG 9 – 13
COSMETICS and beauty products like Gilette, Olay micro-sculpting cream, Biore baking soda, breakfast blend coffee ON PG 15
FITNESS fingertip, wrist blood, treadmill ON PG 17
WORKING room furniture like desk, mono printer, ideapad, comforter ON PG 21
VIZIO class smart LED HDTV 55″ for only $568 ON PG 22

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