Walmart Grocery Sale Sep 15 – 26, 2019

Walmart Grocery Sale Sep 15 26 2019Tailgate party foods are the main thing to find on the new Walmart Ad. Chips, chicken wings, dips, sauces, and grilling essentials are possible to find in the new ad. Moreover, you are able to get $10 off your first order at Walmart. This is a valid deal for grocery pickup and delivery. Feed your body with fiber-rich food when it’s breakfast time. Kellogg’s products are great picks from the cereal range in the breakfast selection of Walmart ad. Buy Kellogg’s cinnamon crunch for $3.64. That’s a new product at Walmart.
Enjoy great subs at this store for lower prices and rollback savings. Walmart grocery sale Sep 15 – 26 covers All American grinder sub and similar sort of products on pg 3. Walmart brings up the simple meals in this ad again. Simple Meals are great for those who like to save time and money at Walmart. More Rollback savings are possible to spot on that page. Buy Campbell’s chunky chicken noodle soup for $1.78. That product is my favorite from this category.


Subs and Simple Meals: