Walmart Weekly Ad Halloween Sep 29 – Oct 14 2017

Walmart Weekly Ad Halloween Sep 29 - Oct 14 2017Italian food and Halloween celebration products were promoted by Walmart Ad and you are able to see all the deals on this preview. Risotto or Tomato basil & fusilli meal kit are going to be on sale. Sam’s Choice Italian food was advertised on the cover page of this ad. Autumn seasonal food including pumpkin, apples, pears, and more will be sold with 100% Money Back guarantee by Walmart. Pumpkin flavored products like cake roll, cheese muffins, sweet potato pie and more will be a part of this week’s sale. Find Cheerios pumpkin flavored on the same page. Truly awesome deals on fresh and packaged produce on pg 4-5.

Great Value confectionery, Walmart’s beverage range, snacks, and chocolate will be available until Oct 14. Visit pg 7 for these products. Top best beverage and top brands of these products were featured in this selection. Exclusive Walmart products for Halloween. Costumes, inflatables, 12″ Ghost and skeletons. Go to pg 10 for costumes of Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Batgirl and more characters.

Treats for Halloween by the top brands. And snacks of Great Value are on sale. Walmart has them on pg 6-7. They are generally sold in packs of assortment. You can choose what to buy for those prices you see on pg 6.