Walmart Black Friday Ad 2021

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The most anticipated Black Friday Ad is finally here. The deals you see in this ad might seriously be good. As it does every year, Walmart Black Friday Ad also promotes new deals on two major gaming consoles: Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. Also, you can find awesome video games. The front page deals of the ad included iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, a 70" Smart TV, Xbox Series S, Apple Watch, and PowerXL air fryer oven. Although I must add that last year we saw consoles under $200. While ad contains several categories, electronics, gaming, and mobile phones are what you can find mostly. Also, kitchen appliances are really good deals this week. Browse these on Walmart Black Friday Ad 2021:

Straight Talk and phone deals:

Walmart Black Friday Ad 2021

Walmart Black Friday Home Products

Buy kitchen appliances on Walmart Black Friday Ad 2021. PowerXL and Instant Pot deals appear on pg 10 of this ad. You can also find several deals on kitchen gadgets. Pay only $59 for Instant Pot 8-Qt 7-in-1. These are really good prices for versatile kitchen products.

Bedroom and bathroom products:

You can find vacuum deals, too. iRobot Roomba i1 is $230 cheaper this year at Walmart. Save hundreds on more vacuum cleaners.

Walmart Black Friday Kids Clothing Deals 2021

Shop kids' clothing items, casual products, jeans, socks, hoodies, Autumn-Winter products at the end of this ad. Walmart also has a special Christmas sale on pg 17. Bikes, outdoor playsets, hoverboards, ride-ons, and more products for kids are also available.

Walmart Christmas Gifts and Decoration

Find trees and lights, novelties, fabric Santa, and more products of Christmas. Bikes, science toys, and more holiday gifts are available in this section. You can even buy a swing. Also, don't forget to check out Cyber Monday deals after Nov 27.

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