Winn Dixie Smithfield Ham Deals Jan 8 – 14, 2020

Winn Dixie Smithfield Ham Deals Jan 8 - 14, 2020There are dozens of products of this category on the latest Winn Dixie Ad. In order to shop Winn Dixie Smithfield ham for 3/$10, use the weekly ad today. Winn Dixie weekly ad shows 3/$10 priced for that product but many more Smithfield products are also available. BOGO free deals on cubed ham, diced ham are purchasable with the card. You can find maple flavored boneless ham steak for only $3.99/ea on the Winn Dixie ad.

If you have leftover hams, there are dozens of recipes you can make with them. Make salads, combine with eggs, cheese, and derive many more ideas. The best thing is an omelet in the mornings. One of the nutritious recipes of leftover ham is ham and bean soup. You have to do it with a slow cooker. Use diced ham for that recipe. Just combine your vegetables and diced ham to make that soup. Hot soup is nutrition that will protect your body against sickness during winter as well.

Here are Winn Dixie Smithfield ham deals:

More deals:

Discover many more deals on the latest Winn Dixie Ad and save with the low prices by weekly ads.

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