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Winn Dixie Weekly Ad Deals December 6 - 12, 2017

Winn Dixie Weekly Ad Deals December 6 - 12, 2017New Winn Dixie deals consist of plenti points, Star Wars products, and Christmas specials. Weekend sale of this week at Winn Dixie will be mainly meat and snacks. Shop BOGO Free items including Thomas' breakfast breads, Quaker instant oatmeal, SE Grocers shredded or chunk cheese, Mayfield select ice cream, Barilla pasta and more on the first page of this ad. Seasonal fresh products arrived at Winn Dixie Stores. Awesomeness is available on pg 2. California navel orange, yellow onions, cluster tomatoes, seedless grapes and more products will be on sale.

Bakery and deli products can be browsed on pg 2. Créme cake will be $5, hand decorated bar bake is $4, 6 count glazed donut will be $2.50 and more products of bakery can be purchased for lowered prices.

Star Wars is here. When you buy 5 participating items you will get Bonus pack. These are not the whole list of the participating items. Find them on pg 3. Stores have many more products. You can shop BOGO Free products in Star Wars range.

Earn free $15 movie ticket when you purchase $30 of participating P&G. Learn about these products on pg 4. Fresh cut meat is possible to spot on the new ad. Again, more BOGO Free deals and special prices of delicious meat can be found here. Packaged meat, seafood including shrimp, snow crab clusters, Angler's catch fillets and more are available on the same page with fresh meat.

Discover holiday products at Winn Dixie. Entertainment with the best sweets and cakes, and baking products are promoted items on pg 6. A classic of Winn Dixie ads is the BOGO Free sales. You can always see a BOGO Free deal on the final page of a regular ad.

Get Star Wars bonus pack with these participating items:

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