Winn Dixie Weekly Ad Mar 30 2016

Get the full list of products with using this post with Winn Dixie Ad.

Winn Dixie Ad Mar 30 2016

This ad contains as usual the regular needs of food like package meat, fresh products, fresh meat, snacks and beverage, weekend sale, general pantry and grocery products, dairy, frozen food and moreover online coupons. Animal cards with bonus savings on items that you can see on last page of the ad is additional deal. B1G1 free deals were also featured in the ad. Weekend sale of Winn Dixie Weekly Ad Mar 30 is B1G1 Helper hamburger. Check out slam dunk savings that's been though to be a good deal for customers for basketball games. These are also on sale on cover page. You can find these online or in-store. Few of them may be online only.


Products from Winn Dixie ad covers general sale for mostly your favorite grocery and deli products. 10 for $10 deal mix or match sale for example is a perfect deal to save in bulky buys. Like chef boyardee pasta, knorr sides, clear value bleach and powerade winn-dixie water and others. Chobani yogurt and Gatorade energy drinks have also been included to that.

Winn Dixie Weekend Sale

RECIPE of shrimp is available on pg 2. Read this recipe for quicker and more practical introduction for shrimp making. FRESH PRODUCE sale covering onions, mandarins, hanging basket, melon chunks, watermelon, peppers and more is also available on pg 2. DELI AND BAKERY products are inevitable aisles of every single ad here. You can see sandwich bread, pita bread, cake and other products in bakery. Salami, hot meal, hummus and crisps in DELI.

MEAT AND PACKAGE meat or seafood variety can be browsed on pg 3. Catch all savings from the delicious and strong nutrition meat range. A small dose of seafood everyday will always keep your mind clear since most sea products contain fluorine.

BASKETBALL snacks and beverage are mostly chips, sauces, coke, soda and chicken wings. You will find that chicken wing delicious and price is $2.75. I think chicken wings is the best possible idea as snacks for basketball games. Since other snacks and beverage contain high percent of sugar I won't recommend. Instead of coke or soda I would tell you to shift sugarless drinks like coconut water or squeezed fruit juices. That is for sure way better for your health.

WEEKEND SALE and coupons on the last page are two different nice discounts by Winn Dixie and you are able to see them with the official page of this ad or here reading this post.

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