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Publix BOGO Free Sale Weekly Ad Aug 15 - 21, 2019

The valid dates may be Aug 14 - 20 for some. Publix BOGO sale is again in the latest weekly ad. TV dinners, sauce variety, beverage packs, pasta, snacks are more stocks are the items to shop in this Publix BOGO category. Ritz, Lay's chips, Doritos Tortilla chips, Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse bread are the examples. Pepperidge Farm is a very old brand. The company was built in 1937. The story begins with Margaret Rudkin's youngest son's allergy against conventional bread. She had to bake bread for her son. Because she was trying to make something healthier than regular, it became a tasty food from a high-quality brand. Whole wheat bread is still healthy a product. Most stores that offer healthy foods would sell wholesome bread types. The reason they are healthy is about GI value. Whole products contain fibers which encapsulate the carbs. If you eat them your gut will digest them for a longer time and it's a longer-time energy source for your body. The human body stores the glycogen turning it into fat if it doesn't need the energy at the time. But fiber keeps the carbs protected from digestion and it's slowly digested so that carbs will be only used as glycogen for a longer time.

However, let's suppose you have drunk a can of sugary coke and eaten 2 slices of pizza made of conventional dough. These are delicious but unhealthy carbs. Your body will probably digest them in a short time and your blood will be full of glycogen that is unnecessary for that short time. What your body will do with that energy source is to store it as fat. Publix Weekly Ads can be useful in finding such products, too.

Browse the Publix BOGO Free sale:

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Kroger Back to School Sale Goes On - Aug 14 - 20, 2019

Buy your essential needs of daily life at school from Kroger stores because they really have lower prices this week. The deals are effective on Aug 14 - 20. On the final page of this Kroger Ad, you should be able to find Crayola products, Five Star Notebook, and more items. The most interesting part of this sale is about Crayons. I love how they are made. As the official page of Crayons suggest they are made of paraffin wax and color pigments. Crayola says the number of Crayons manufactured in a year is about 3 billion. Watch this video to learn how Crayons are made. Kroger Weekly Ad Aug 14 - 20 sells different Crayola products including markers. Using markers can be really important but it can also be useless if you overdo it. Use them to highlight your own notes. I used to use them even on textbooks. This page of Kroger Ad has also candies and chocolate bars. Snickers or Reese's candy bars will cost 10/$10.

Buy these products of Kroger back to school sale:

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Hyvee Grocery Deals Weekly Ad Aug 14 - 20, 2019

Categories of Hyvee grocery deals are possible to find in this ad. The content also covers low price lockdown deals where Hy-Vee locks a price and doesn't change it unless it's about to get lower. That means if a product has a locked low price, it's pretty safe to buy that since Hy-Vee will never ask a higher price for that product as long as the low price lockdown deal goes on. In the first pages, you can see a range of Hyvee grocery items with such prices. Buy fresh produce, too. Seasonal products and organic food are important elements of all Hyvee Weekly Ad sales. Find organic food such as apples, seedless grapes, cantaloupe, and more. Packaged products are also popular and important items of weekly ads.
Have a look at Hy-Vee meat sale on pg 6-7 of the ad. Mix and match sale will be valid starting today. Buy Hy-Vee Angus reserve boneless beef chuck roast for $3.99. You can find a meat bundle in the ad. Moreover, coupons for some products will also be valid deals. Shop seafood, pantry, dairy, deli, and more items with Hy-vee Ad.

Hy-Vee Meat Sale Aug 14 - 20

If you like to grill, these are perhaps the final weeks to peacefully do it. Still, there are many deals by ads like Hy-Vee. Fresh whole chicken or leg quarters, Angus reserve boneless beef chuck roast, drumsticks or thighs, and more products are on sale.

Meijer Shoes Are Skechers With $10 Discount - Weekly Ad Aug 11 - 17

Skechers has been very popular for recent years. It's an American brand founded in 1992. And the reason Meijer shoes are the main subject here is that Meijer Weekly Ads constantly have these sports shoes. You can really find a good deal on these high-quality sports shoes. For example, the ones on pg 17 of the Meijer Ad will cost $39.99. The difference between other expensive brands and Skechers is that most of their shoes are much lighter than them while being made of durable material. Most of my friends wear Skechers walking or running shoes. This week, you can save $10 on your next purchase with the coupon. Meijer has also jeans, denim jackets, accessories, iPhone 7 deal, discounts on activewear, and home appliances in this ad. You can buy BOGO 50% off rugs this week. Visit this category on Friday to see the new ad.

If you are a fan of Marvel movies, Avengers Endgame DVD has been released yesterday. Most weekly ads including Meijer's have that. Meijer Ad shows the new release DVD on pg 15.

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Walmart Grocery Rollback Savings Aug 2019

Browse this Walmart Ad for Marketside products such as caesar salad, and supreme super sub. Walmart grocery products are on the first part of the new Walmart Ad. Top picks from various categories are promoted offers. For example, buy the supreme super-sub for $5.98. Sweet things are also available for lower prices this week. The deals are effective until Aug 29. 4 Pack muffins will cost only $4.98. Shop snacks, packaged foods, TV dinners, and more at Walmart Ad. Doritos chips, Oreo cookies, and more products are also on sale. Quick sauces and side dishes are also a great part of the Walmart grocery category. Marketside milk queso dip is one of them. Pay only $3.86 for that item. Buy flavor mix multipack for $5.98. Great Value frozen meals, pizza, lasagna, and more products are also in the Walmart Weekly Ad Aug 11 - 29.

Check out these products from the Walmart grocery rollback savings:

Popular meals for dinner are on sale. Buy Great Value beef stroganoff, chicken and broccoli, and pilly-style cheesesteak. Get your household products like Clorox, Bounty paper towels, Ziploc sandwich bags, Charmin ultra bath tissue, and more items. Walmart has many more categories in this ad. You can subscribe to the free newsletter to get more deals like these. You can also follow our Facebook or Twitter pages to track these deals.