CVS Extrabucks Rewards | Learn how to use ExtraCare Center and Save More

Guide To CVS ExtraBucks Rewards

CVS ExtraBucks are basically like a free gift certificate for use at any CVS store. They are available only to members of the CVS ExtraCare rewards program, however, which is free to sign up for at any CVS location. CVS shoppers are often pleasantly surprised by receiving some ExtraBucks back at the register when they make a purchase, but they aren’t given out randomly. There are formulas to how ExtraBucks are doled out, and understanding them will allow you to maximize your savings when shopping at the store! Here, you will learn general information about CVS ExtraBucks Rewards to maximize your savings at this pharmacy store.

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How Are CVS ExtraBucks Rewards Earned?

Quarterly Rewards

Each quarter, members of the CVS ExtraCare program will automatically get 2% of all of their purchases back in the form of ExtraBucks. These payments are issued on the first of January, April, July and October. The first time a member makes a purchase after these dates, they will automatically receive the ExtraBucks at the register along with their receipt. They can also be printed out at any coupon kiosk in a store, or can be found by logging on to the ExtraCare account at or through the mobile app.

Double rewards are issued for the purchase of most diabetes products, so you will get 4% back on purchases of these items.

Pharmacy Rewards

For each 10 prescriptions that are filled, members of the program will receive $5 in ExtraBucks. Keep in mind that ExtraBucks cannot be used to pay for prescriptions, however.

Weekly Sale Items

Each week, certain promotional items will offer a number of bonus ExtraBucks if you purchase them. The amount is generally somewhere between $1 to $5 for a single item. Go to this page to browse the latest CVS Weekly Ad. 

Beauty Bonus

The purchase of $50 of beauty products in one trip will net you $5 back in ExtraBucks automatically. While this naturally includes things like make-up and lipstick, some basic hygiene items such as shampoo and conditioner also qualify for this promotion.


Signing up for the app and adding your email address to the Beauty Club sometimes give you a bonus of $3 ExtraBucks, but these promotions can change over time.

CVS Extrabucks

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Getting Huge Discounts With ExtraBucks

The beauty of CVS ExtraBucks are that they are just as good as cash; at least within any CVS store. You can use them to pay for an item regardless of how many other coupons were used, or whether or not the item is on sale. Between sales, coupons, and ExtraBucks, it’s not uncommon to walk out of CVS without having to actually pay for an item!

The best part is when you get “rolling ExtraBucks” offers in the weekly sales. This means that when you buy an item, even if you use ExtraBucks, you get more ExtraBucks back for purchasing it! It’s entirely possible to continue buying the same items over and over for next to no money in this way, but you have to check the terms of the weekly sale carefully.

There are also a few other important tips to keep in mind to ensure that you are actually saving money:

. CVS ExtraBucks usually cannot be used for a handful of certain types of items. Namely prescriptions, alcohol, tobacco products, stamps, milk and gift cards. These rules may vary slightly by state and locality, however.

. There is no limit on how many CVS ExtraBucks can be used in one transaction, but they cannot be used to run the transaction into the negative and get the cashier to give money back to you. If you hit a total of $0, you are just wasting ExtraBucks if you use any more. You cannot get change back on ExtraBucks either; if you use more than is needed for the transaction, you lose them.

. ExtraBucks expire 45 days after they are issued.

Using the CVS Circular will have a serious impact on your savings. It’s highly recommended.