El Super Ad Jun 29 - Jul 5, 2022

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El Super Ad Jun 29 - Jul 5, 2022

Looking for the perfect gift for your Independence Day celebration? We’ve got you covered! El Super Hispanic-focused supermarket chain's incredible selection includes grilling meat and general grocery products, as well as fresh products, pantry staples, and everything in between. Summer is here, and there is nothing like an evening cookout with family and friends. Celebrate your Independence Day with these delicious products that are sure to please everyone.

This week the flyer has highlighted the grocery store's top 8 best-selling products for Independence Day. These products range from grilling meat to general grocery products, summer products, and fresh products. The advertisement has also highlighted some of our pantry essentials that make wonderful adds to any celebration or party. El Super grocery store has an excellent selection of grilling meat including steaks and chicken breasts. The key to cooking any piece of meat is knowing how long it needs to be cooked. This will depend on the thickness of the cut as well as whether or not you want it medium-rare or well done. For example, if you want your steak medium rare then it will need to be cooked for less time than if you want it well done.

The store has lots of general grocery items that make perfect gifts for any occasion! Whether it's a birthday party or Christmas there are plenty of options available ranging from snacks such as popcorn and nuts.

Great Prices on a Variety of Fruits and Vegetables Starting on Wednesday


El Super offers a wide selection of fresh produce year-round including avocados, bananas, berries, oranges, apples, and more!

One of them is ataulfo mangoes. Ataulfo mangoes are available year-round but are more expensive during their peak season in April and May. 3 of them are sold in the shop for 1 dollar. Mango Ataulfo is a variety of mango native to Mexico. It has sweet, red-fleshed fruit with yellow-orange flesh and an orange skin. The Mango Ataulfo has a higher sugar content than other varieties of mangoes, making it ideal for eating fresh or canning as preserves or jam.

The most common use of these delicious fruits is eating them raw with salt and lime juice. To prepare your own at home: cut one-third off the top of the mango, then score around its circumference from top to bottom (this will help prevent it from exploding). Make crosshatches in the skin on both sides by pressing down firmly with your thumb; this helps release juices so that you can easily peel them later on without cutting into them too much. Finally slice down lengthwise along each side until you hit stem-end where there's an X already made there--then just pop out those wedges like tacos!

Various groceries are available in El Super.


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