El Super Weekly Ad Sale Jan 18 - 24, 2023

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El Super is a grocery store that sells fresh fruits, vegetables, packs of beverages and favorite brands of snacks. They also sell breakfast foods and pantry items. El Super's weekly sale has all the ingredients to make your meal planning easy, whether you're looking for fresh fruits and vegetables, your favorite brands of snacks, breakfast foods, or pantry staples.

El Super is a Hispanic grocery store in the United States, and they're currently running an ad sale valid from 18th to 24th, 2023. The weekly advertisement holds a multitude of bargains within. You can find out what those bargains are by checking out their weekly flyer!

Featured Items in El Super Weekly Ad Sale Jan 18 - 24, 2023

Two onions for just a dollar? That's one of our favorite deals. Get two red onions and two white onions for just $0.99 each! With this deal, you can add onions to your meals without breaking the bank. These onions are as sweet as they are cheap. They're the perfect addition to any recipe! Onions offer several health benefits including being rich in vitamins C and K1—both of which play important roles in bone health. Additionally, onions are rich sources of sulfur--an essential nutrient for strong hair growth. If you don't already have some delicious diced red or white onion sitting in your pantry right now then make sure you pick up some at El Super next time you shop!

Tomatillos are sweet and tangy, and at 2 for $0.99 a pound, they're a caning deal. Tomatillos are the unripened fruit of a plant in the nightshade family. Tomatillo plants can grow anywhere from 3-6 feet tall and produce green pods containing dozens of tiny round seeds that are covered by a papery husk.

Make tonight special with Don Francisco's Fresh Cheese. Its clean, mild taste adds a delicious flavor that you and your family will love. Don Francisco is a full-bodied fresh cheese that's perfect for grilling or melting on tortillas. It also contains zinc and phosphorus. Cheese is a good food that you can consume daily as it has many nutrients. Don Francisco is a full-flavor, cup-winning cheese made from the finest ingredients. Its smooth, creamy texture and natural goodness make it easy to add to any dish. Oh, yes it's fresh!

Choose fresh meats and get great savings today! Get the best deals on meat at El Super. Choose from a variety of options to get the freshest meat for your family.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the great deals they have for you this week!