Kroger Weekly Ad Aug 12 - 18, 2020

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Kroger sells high-quality fresh fruits through these ads. This are the scanned pages of this week's ad. Fresh deals like New York Strip Steaks and California Yellow or White Peaches may be interesting products for all customers. They are available on the first page. Kroger Ad Aug 12 - 18 also covers some deals on chicken. Buy fresh foods market whole roasted or 8-piece fried or baked chicken 2/$10. Remember that Kroger supermarket requires you to wear a mask before you enter the store. Kroger Weekly Ad Aug 12 - 18 is the source to find some nice snacks or beverages, too. The price of Dannon Greek Yogurt is $.88 or Sparkling ice is the same.

Fresh deals by Kroger Ad Aug 12 - 18:

Kroger Back To School Sale - School Bus

School sale is again here in the content of the Kroger Ad. Browse the new deals on some items that will be probably needed in a day at school. Crayola 24-pack Crayons, view binder, backpack camo, and more products are all in. Save 30% on some of them.

Kroger is a good store where you can shop for some mix or match sale items. This is a classic deal that allows you to buy multiple products of a group of products for a cheaper price compared to a purchase where you buy them singly. Many more deals are available in the ad.

Kroger Mix and Match Sale

Buy 5 Save $5 with this deal at Kroger supermarket. General grocery products and snacks are available in this section. You can buy Miracle Whip for only $2.99 with the deal. Kroger Weekly Ad usually contains such mix and match deals if the store offers them that week. Buy Breyers ice cream and General Mills Cereal for $1 cheaper prices. If you need some cleaning supplies, they also are available in the ad. Check out one of them on the second and third pages. Tide liquid laundry detergent will cost only $1.

Kroger Fresh Produce and Organic Products

There are certainly some interesting deals in this ad. You'll be able to shop for some organic products such as ground beef, plant-based milk, and more items. View them on pg 6.

See the final page of this ad for school supplies. 9-piece backpack, notebooks, pencils, and stuff that are possibly needed for school days. Don't forget to check those deals.

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