Kroger Weekly Ad Aug 19 - 25, 2020

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Everyone needs a good deal not only on a particular kind of product, but they actually need the discounts on general grocery items. Because to sustain life, we need to constantly buy this stuff and they are additional costs to our rent, car maintenance, fuel costs, etc. For some, it's also added to the college fees. If you want to save on food, that's a good decision because since it's essential, some places can get really expensive. It's not a sensitive job. You have to act like a hunter. And a hunter has some tools. Kroger Weekly Ad is one of your tools to hunt for good deals. The game is simple. And a typical hunt is waiting for you in these ads.

Check out some Kroger Weekly Ad Aug 19 - 25 deals:

Kroger Buy 5 Save $5 Deal

Mix & match sale is an important deal of Kroger Ads. It's because it's really practical and quick save. Plus, you can find the essentials and snacks in these deals. Kroger purified drinking water, ice cream, and more products are in the ad. And more products are participating in the sale.

More than food can be seen in this section of Kroger weekly ad Aug 19 - 25. Don't miss out on these savings and see them before you go to stores.

Kroger Fall Products - New Season's Deals

Best deals of the Fall. Buy coffee, some candies for Halloween, party foods, and drinks. Not a pumpkin in sight yet. Ice cream and 10 for $10 deals are available on the Kroger Weekly Ad. Monster Energy drink 4-pack is $5.99 this week. Weekly digital deals and mix & match sale are perfectly nice sales of the week as well. In the digital deal selection, you have important products of daily life. Buy L'Oreal Elvive or storage bags are cheaper prices this week. The school sale of the Kroger Ad is also important. Don't forget to see the prices of pop tarts, Chobani flip, Eggo waffles, the favorite of Eleven from Stranger Things.

Kroger Back to School Sale

Get in the school bus of Kroger sale to see where it leads. The school products of Kroger got style. Backpacks, masks - fabric face coverings, notebooks, pens, and extra 10% off for Teachers are in the Kroger school sale. The final page of the new ad has the pet supplies. Check out cat and dog foods in this part.

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