Kroger Weekly Ad Jul 22 - 28, 2020

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Kroger fresh deals, 2x fuel points, multiple-buy deals, 5x digital coupon event, and high-quality fresh food deals are the content of Kroger Weekly Ad Jul 22 - 28. These pages are updated with better HD versions on Tuesdays. Before that, you can have an idea of what's going to be a hot deal this week starting on Wednesday. Firstly, you can easily spot some deals on meat and general grocery products. Powerade or Powerade Zero are two great deals of the week. They'll cost $.49 /ea.

Kroger Ad Preview Jul 22 - 28 also offers 50 bonus box tops when you buy participating products. Check out some deals from this weekly ad:

Digital coupon offers:

More of 5x digital coupon event can be seen on pg 3-4.

Kroger School Sale and Exclusive Discount for Teachers

Teachers can get 10% off on school, home, apparel, and more categories of products. Basics of daily school life are currently viewable on this ad. You can also check out multiple-buy offers. Five Star paper portfolio will cost 10 for $10. Remember this deal if you had plans to shop for school or stationery products.

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Weekly Ad Previews Jul 22 - 28, 2020 New special deals are some profitable items in all these weekly ad previews for Jul 22 - 28. One of the best deals of the week is a special deal for teachers. For example, at Kroger, teachers can get ... read more