Kroger Weekly Ad Thanksgiving Nov 18 - 26, 2020

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Unlike a regular Kroger Ad, this Thanksgiving ad will be valid for 9 days. Kroger does these ads every year. In the new product range, you have Thanksgiving turkey by Kroger and Thanksgiving ham deals. Both of them are available on the first page. Festive foods like them and more products are available on the first page of Kroger Weekly Ad Nov 18 - 26. But if you don't want to spend too much time thinking about food or preparing the table, you may also order holiday meals. An affordable price range for turkey meals with different styles like smoked turkey or ham dinners are advertised items there. Canned goods like vegetables, yams, and more items of the grocery can be interesting, too.

Kroger Weekly Ad Thanksgiving Nov 18 - 26, 2020

Kroger Party Trays

One of the best things about the holiday event is the trays. They sell awesome food trays like cheese, fried chicken, shrimp platter, half ham, and more products. Kroger holiday food trays are being promoted on pg 3. Check out some of them on Kroger Ad Nov 18 - 26.

Kroger Black Friday Deals

This year, all brands that have something to do with Black Friday published early BF deals. Similar to many of them, Kroger announces a few Black Friday deals on their weekly ad. Today, you can see toys, TVs, home decoration items, and more from the Kroger Black Friday sale on pg 5. A good one from this sale is Holiday Home 13.5" LED lanterns.

Kroger Thanksgiving sale also covers some kitchen products. Kroger Weekly Ad Thanksgiving Nov 18 - 26 shows some of them, too. High-quality cookware is what you need to cook something for the whole family. It's important to have durable products in your inventory. Receive emails about these ads and deals in the future when you subscribe to the newsletter.

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