Kroger Weekly Ad Oct 21 - 27, 2020

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Save with some weekly digital deals and digital coupons by Kroger weekly ad Oct 21 - 27. These coupons are going to be valid for up to 5 times. Multiple-buy savings, Spooktober specials, and Halloween candies are some major contents of the new Kroger Ad Oct 21 - 27. Holiday Home Halloween Décor is one of the 30% off items of the week. Tailgate party snacks are homegate party snacks this year. Kroger offers Sabra Hummus, Hunt's Tomatoes, Kroger Chicken Mix'ns, Bush's beans, and more that will cost cheaper. Progresso soup, Dove soap, and Kroger's own products are the essential grocery sale. A part of the Kroger Ad covers organic foods and stuff like that on pg 6.

Digital coupons:

Kroger Weekly Ad Oct 21 - 27, 2020

Kroger Fall Specials

Seasonal change may be a chance to taste the best foods or meat products at low costs. Kroger has got some great deals regarding Fall's products. They offer Kroger Russet potatoes as one of the fresh deals of the week. Simple Truth Almond or Coconut Milk is gonna cost only 2/$5.

Kroger Halloween Sale

Decoration and accessories for Halloween. Spooky products, pumpkins, treat carriers, treat bowls, and more stuff are there. The final page of this ad may help you explore some new things. Most of them are either 30% cheaper or they are 10 for $10 sales.