Kroger Weekly Ad Oct 28 - Nov 3, 2020

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Halloween and the coming of the Fall stormed all supermarkets. Customers loved the theme as every year's Fall's beginning is pretty cozy and comforting. Kroger Weekly Ad Oct 28 - Oct 3 is the last ad of the first of the Fall as far as this retailer is concerned. More importantly, this is the last sale for Halloween 2020 products and decoration from Kroger Ad. But there is a deal in all aisles as it's being promoted on the first page. This week's ad comes up with two very famous deals of its; BOGOs and digital coupons. The coupons will be valid for 5 times on the same product. You can save 30% off Halloween products, too.

Kroger Weekly Ad Oct 28 - Nov 3 2020

Kroger Weekly Ad Oct 28 - Nov 3 Digital Coupon Offers

Unlike multiple-buy deals you don't have to buy several items from a group of products when you are purchasing something with digital coupon offers. Each item will be cheaper and the coupon is good for 5 times. Products like Folgers coffee, Chobani yoghurt, Quaker Chewy bars, and more items will be available with coupon savings.

To make things easier, you may download Kroger's mobile app and start using coupons to save more. Non-food products like baby care items, Tide liquid laundry detergent, and more are available in the ad.

Kroger Grocery Deals and Fresh Produce

Basics of the week at lower costs and great deals are available in the Kroger grocery sale. You should only know what you need and put it on the list. Kroger offers BOGO deals on so many products in this section. And a portion of the sale is in the breakfast category.

In this part, you have the Halloween sale. Check out Monster treats from the beloved brands. Scary low prices. Some of them are half-price deals.

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