Kroger Weekly Ad Sep 16 - 22, 2020

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See the deals of Kroger Weekly Ad Sep 16 - 22, 2020 early and make your decisions before you visit the store. Use your phone to browse this ad during your shopping trip and then hopefully save maximally. You can shop mix & match sale to save $1 on each participating item. When you buy 5 items, the deal will be valid. The price of Land O Lakes butter will be $2.49 with that deal. See some of them on the first page. The deal is also appearing on pg 3-4, and the final page. Kroger Ad Sep 16 - 22 is a great chance to shop for some Halloween products, too.

See the Kroger Sales Ad for some of them:

Kroger Weekly Ad Sep 16 - 22, 2020

Kroger Fresh Deals

Surely, the first thing a customer think of when shopping at a grocery store would be the fresh produce. The meat, fruits, vegetables, and more products are all in this category. And some deals like boneless top sirloin steak are also possible to see on the Kroger Weekly Ad Sep 16 - 22:

Kroger Italian Food and Fall Season

The new season brings its beauties. Pumpkin is one of them but Kroger Ad also shows some interesting products such as the food of Italian cuisine. Always the best food from this cuisine in these ads. Meatballs, pasta sauce, and cheese. You can buy Prego Plus Pasta Italian sauce for 3/$5.

Kroger Halloween Decoration and Candies

Classic Halloween stuff is on sale at Kroger supermarkets this week. Kroger weekly ad specials for Halloween can be a simple guide for anyone who likes to pay lower costs. Traditional items like squishmallows are available on this ad.

Candies are also in the same part. Subscribe to the newsletter and start receiving new deals from weekly ads like this one. Kroger specials are regularly updated.

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