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Here you may find the product reviews that are available in the weekly ads. Within the range of the weekly ads posted in the site, you may find electronics, entertainment products, toys, movies and many more reviewed. Reading these reviews may give you a perspective and help you choose the correct deal. We generally aim to review products featured by the weekly ads but occasionally some popular products can also be found here.

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Air Purifier Deals From Target, Walmart, And More Stores

Target, Walmart, LightintheBox, and more stores have air purifier deals. Summer might trigger your allergies but there is no need for you to feel all the symptoms if you have clean air. Air Purifiers are not popular tools to clean your room’s air. First of all, if you have one of these, you have fresh air inside all the time. They can clean dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and other particles which is alone a huge advantage. If you have allergies or asthma, this device can even be a must-have item at your home.

If you are smoking or your guests are smoking, these air purifiers will give you a break. They are equipped with activated carbon filters which are common even in filtration of water in army equipment. They are efficient in cleansing tobacco smells.

With HEPA filters (High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filters), they can keep your air fresh the whole day. I am not saying they are the solution for any kind of air-related problems but they are a great step for your house keeping your air fresh. Air Purifier Deals from Target, Walmart, LightintheBox, and even JB Tools are in the list below.

Target Air Purifier Deals

LightintheBox Air Purifier Deals

Walmart Air Purifier Deals

JB Tools Car Air Purifier Deal


Depple In-Store Deals App – Browse Top Deals From Major Brands

Download Depple to hear about local in-store deals. Weekly ads are great tools to spot the top deals. If you want an app that hosts more deals check this out.

Depple In-Store deals App

Besides them, there are coupons, website deals, mfr’s coupons, and many more offers. But there are also in-store deals that many bloggers love to share on their websites. Instagram is full of them. Facebook is full of them. In almost every social media platform, you can find pages and users that share their grocery hauls, and in-store deals. Sometimes even brands post them. But they might not be available in your store. Every place has its own brands. Where Kroger is available, there might not be a Walmart. Sure, some brands are country-wide available but most grocery stores are not.

Download Depple for local deals
depple 1080x1080 1
There is a new app called Depple and it shows only local stores which are only far enough for you to walk. Its aim is to organize these deals on a page. It kind of solves the problem for deal hunters who see deals in stores that are not available in their area. When someone posts a deal from a supermarket they have to choose the supermarket in their area. The app doesn’t show any other store anyway. And users can’t choose a distant one when posting a deal. Download now.

Depple App1

Post The Deals You See In a Local Store on Depple

Depple allows users to post pictures of products and deals they see on the shelf of a supermarket. It shows nearby stores, pharmacies, department stores, and restaurants and you can see them on the map, too. There have been local deal apps before but most of them are not available currently on the app store. Depple will also show you our affiliate deal links to Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, and other major retailers. Seasonal deals like Halloween, Christmas, holiday gifts, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and more.

Depple Deals - In-Store Deals App

There are many platforms that offer their content for deal hunters and savvy shoppers. The thing about this app is that you will be able to post what you see in an aisle but for only local stores. It might be useful for small shops which don’t have the budget to advertise. Also, Depple deletes all deals after 24 hours.

Say you are in Jacksonville. Your map will show the locations of your choice like this:

Depple Map Example Shows Stores

When you tap one of them, you can go to their store page where the deals that belong to that store will appear. Like this:

Depple Store Page

How To Post Some In-Store Deals on Depple?

It is easy, just tap on the middle plus button on the bottom. It will present a screen where you can add an image and write title and description. But you must choose a store otherwise you won’t be able to post anything. Only post local in-store deals like the one below otherwise moderators might delete your post. They only allow deal content nothing else.

In-Store Deals2


Atlas VPN Lightning Deal 86% Off

Do you use the internet excessively in open wi-fi? If you are going to public places like Starbucks or another coffee shop, you are probably doing that. The thing is, it’s not the safest way to connect to internet. And it leaves you vulnerable to threats like getting hacked that is hackers will know your IP if they find a way. But there is a really common way to protect yourself from these threats or malicious attacks and it is


Parzin Eyewear Coupons – Save 10% – 20%

On orders of $29 and above you can get a quick 10% off with a code you can find on is also a summer sale at this store. Summer is not over. Buy sunglasses under $20. That includes polarized sunglasses, too. Find Studen Discounts, hotlists on the website of this store. On 5-deals page of Parzin eyewear, you will be able to see new products at half prices. PARZIN Aviator sunglasses will cost only $7.50 today. If you like


Sign up for a Paramount+ annual plan today

TO GET A 50% OFF YOUR FIRST YEAR! Use Promo Code: YEAR. And for a limited time, you can get this year-long awesome deal. But what does Paramount+ offers? What can you watch in it? The offer EXPIRES ON 3/31/21! Go to  Live Sports and Games First of all, sports fans will love this service because they have NFL, NCAA Basketball, UEFA Champions League, PGA Tour, and more. Aside from that, you also get the news about your favorite