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Publix Weekly Ad Apr 17 – 23 is available right now. Check out this ad to see the latest news, deals and product range. Read reviews for details and top deals.

Publix Ad Latest Coupons and In-Ad Deals, Bogos, Discounts and other deals related to the Publix stores are all available. 

In the latest and you may certainly find something for you and total savings can be seen on the cover.

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Publix is one of the rare grocery stores defining healthy products and setting the trends for it. You’ll end up with the greatest amounts of savings. They serve in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee.

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Find great dinner ideas, Mother’s day gifts, Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving meal ideas, and many more goods in Publix Ads.

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Publix Weekly Ad Grocery Sale Mar 14 - 20, 2019

Green cabbage, potatoes, chicken cutlets, 6-pack Coca-Cola of 16.9 oz. are just a few of the products from the latest Publix Weekly Ad. Get a $10 off with the purchase of one $50 gas card. Greenwise organic foods are great options for customers looking for healthy foods. Organic pizza, Italian chicken sausage, Angus chuck roast, organic baby-cut carrots, a2 milk, and more are available on sale. Recipe of salmon-sausage coddle is readable on pg 3.
Browse the deals on Publix premium mussels, Lean ground beef, and the ideas for lunch or dinner. Publix is doing a great job in preparing delicious lists of foods in all weekly ads. If you are indecisive about what to eat on a daily basis, I'd recommend you to read a Publix Ad even for getting an idea. Cooking is great but sometimes we lack time and skill. Some ready and quick meals can help you a lot to save time. Deli food is also a great choice in most cases. Meat is an important department of the new ad. Publix Weekly Ad offers GreenWise bone-in Angus ribeye steaks for only $11.99/lb. Organic quinoa, perdue whole chicken, Sirloin top roast, and more are available on pg 5. Also, celebrate St. Patrick's Day having the foods from Publix. Subscribe to the newsletter and get the future deals in your inbox.

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Publix Weekly Ad Grocery Sale Mar 7 - 13, 2019

Find great food in Publix Ad again. Steak, lobster, key lime pie, chicken drumsticks, chicken wings, Mott's juice, and more products are examples from the ad. They are available on the first page of the ad. You can buy snacks like Coca-Cola packs, Oreo cookies, Monster energy drink, Nabisco Ritz crackers, Powerade sports drink, and more are available on pg 2. Read the recipe of chicken Tortilla Soup on pg 3. Buy great meals at Publix for lower prices. Top round London broil, Margaritaville appetizers, shrimp are on sale. Check out the pantry-grocery category of the Ad to see these items. Aprons Thai beef meal kit is a great example. Pay only $21.99 for that meal kit. La Banderita flour tortillas will be BOGO Free deal. Seasonal goods from fresh produce is a great deal, too. Publix salad blend will be 2 for $5! Shop Florida celery, Publix red or Idaho russet potatoes in the fresh range. Hothouse cucumber will cost $5 for 3. Deli-bakery shelf of Publix offers quick and delicious food. Cheese variety, sandwiches, chicken meal, and more are available in the deli. Also, don't miss out the deals on GreenWise organic foods. Visit pg 10 to see chicken thighs, organic honey, organic ice cream, and more.

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Publix Weekly Ad BOGO Free Sale Feb 28 - Mar 6, 2019

Coffee, fruit juice, sauce, pantry products, simple meals, snacks, cookies, beverage packs are all BOGO Free at Publix stores! BOGOs of Publix are available on pg 10-12. A variety of products from many different categories are in the list of BOGO free items. Get the second of Jell-O instant pudding or gelatin dessert, Hunt's or Rotel tomatoes, and more items for free! Also, see the multiple-buy deals like Juicy Juice 100% juice blend. Get 3 of that for $6 only!
Save $6.99 on Gatorade thirst quencher! Another great saving is $4.49 on Cascadian farm organic cereal! Summer snacks like ice cream and frozen meals including Gorton's fish fillets, Smartmade or Devour entrees, Siggi's Icelandic style skyr might also be interesting BOGO Free deals from the latest Publix Ad. You can really simplify everything about dinner and lunch with these quick food solutions. Besides, BOGO Free range is a great sale covering favorite snacks and sweets. One of the most popular products from the range of Publix is Nabisco wheat thins which will be 2 for $5 this week.

Check out these BOGO Free deals and savings in the ad:

Publix Weekly Ad Grocery Sale Feb 28 - Mar 6, 2019

Publix Italian food range is a classic. One of the best cuisines all around the world. A very good price range, the new prices, hot Italian sausage, and much more are great examples from the Publix Weekly Ad Feb 28 - Mar 6. BOGO Free sale is again on the spotlight. Check out Italian bread, meatballs, Prego sauce, Hun's tomatoes, Bertolli sauce, and more items of the BOGO Free deal on pg 2. A new recipe is also available. Read the recipe for a simple instruction of Linguine with White Clam sauce on pg 3. Organic food offers such as Greenwise organic boneless chicken fillets and chicken tenders are available on pg 4. Shop fresh-cut meat, dinner ideas, chicken, and more on pg 5. Publix sells Sirloin top roast for $3.99 lb. In this Ad, find fresh vegetables. Get the fresh food like basil, red onions, broccoli, and 100% orange juice on the fresh aisle. Deli-bakery sale is one of the important sections as well. Greenwise oven roasted chicken, Sabra family size hummus, Publix Deli Italian whole sub are on sale this week. My favorite part of this ad is Italian food and sandwiches:

BOGO Free Italian foods:

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Publix Weekly Ad BOGO Free Sale Feb 21 - 27, 2019

The greatest of breakfast, snacks, sauce, simple meals, pantry products are BOGO Free deals on the latest Publix Ad. Shop CapriSun, Kraft mayonnaise, General Mills Cheerios cereal, and many more items. But there is also Buy 2 Get 2 Free deals. For example, 12-pack Coca-Cola products will be a Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal. Make your pasta with Knorr pasta sides. Find solutions for preparing delicious simple dinner meals. A lot of options are available in stores like Publix. BOGO Free sale is a classic deal on all weekly ads. Moreover, find favorite snacks and bevearage packs in the BOGO Free range of Publix BOGO Free sale on pg 10-12. Not only BOGO deals, but also multiple-purchase deals on this part of the ad. For instance, you can buy 2 packs of Doritos tortilla chips for $5. Save $3.58 on 2 of these items. Pizza is always on sale with a BOGO free deal at Publix stores. Save $10.29 on Home Run Inn pizza or two more pizzeria or pizza rolls products. Browse the Ad for all the BOGO Free deals;

Some of the products from the BOGO Free range of Publix: