Publix Weekly Ad Aug 5 - 11, 2020

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Learn about new recipes, ClubPublix deals, fresh meat, and another kind of products you would expect from a grocery weekly ad. Publix Ad is one of the top deals you can come across right now. But this is just the Publix Ad Preview for Aug 5 - 11. If you are viewing this on Wednesday this week, you might find these deals at the supermarket. Upcoming deals are some sort of relief for everyone who struggles in shopping financially. In the fresh range of the Publix weekly ad, there are quite a few deals you might like. It's also a good source of finding seasonal products such as plums, cherries, cantaloupe, fruit naturals, and more products.

See some good deals from Publix Weekly Ad Aug 5 - 11:

More citrus deals are waiting to be seen on pg 3. Shop seafood, meat, and dinner ideas at Publix Ad. You have meatballs, onions, and other things from this classic range. Check out some of the meat offers by Publix:

Publix Fresh Fruits, Deli and Bakery Deals This week

This week's sub is King's Hawaiian mini sub rolls that will be BOGO Free. Save $4.19 on that delicious deli product by Publix. You can also buy Boar's Head Italian Whole Sub for only $6.99 this week. Tomorrow, these prices must be valid. In the fresh sale, you have even more deals.

Publix GreenWise Products

Greenwise has its corner again. The brand gives you the true taste of whatever you are buying. Organic Greek yogurt, liquid egg whites, coconut oil, and more items are available in this healthy food aisle. Organic products are not only tastier than conventional products, but they are also regulated regarding the things they use when growing up or producing these products.

Check out this week's Publix BOGO free sale, too.

Pharmacy, Personal Care, and Cleaning Products

Publix non-food section is the end of this weekly ad. You can find some deals on essentials like shampoo or toothpaste. The product range also covers things for your pets. Cat and dog foods, treats, and similar sort of items are on sale, too. Moreover, you have some supplies for outdoor fun. If you want to have your dinner in your backyard, you may want to use some single-serving products such as plastic cups. Solo plastic cups are 2 for $5.

Find Publix coupons on pg 20. Earn a $10 Publix gift card when you buy $50 in participating items. Publix $10 deal is a hot deal of the week, too.

Publix BOGOs This Week

There are a total of 65 BOGOs this week on the Publix Weekly Ad. BOGO Free deals for Aug 5 - 11 may be really interesting since they contain plenty of products from all aisles. 4 pages of the weekly ad are mostly focused on these BOGOs. They have breakfast food, coffee, sauces, pasta, and many more. Snacks, breakfast, pantry, and frozen foods are usually the most abundant categories when you look at the Publix Weekly Ad. Some of the deals are really interesting.

Publix BOGOs Aug 5 - 11 from the grocery;

Beverage and snacks are available on pg 13. Most of them are BOGO free deals but you can also see other deals, too. For example, planters peanuts will be 5 for $10. You can save $7.45 on 5. These are more items from the snack sale of Publix BOGOs from the weekly ad:

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