Publix Weekly Ad Christmas Dec 16 - 24, 2020

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Browse this ad both to learn about the Christmas hours of Publix supermarket and to explore the new deals on favorite holiday foods. Cake, wine, floral bouquet, rolls, and ribs. All of them will make a table look good and festive. Delicious recipes are also in the content of the new Publix Ad. If you want to master your cooking skills before Christmas comes, you can use some of those recipes such as Mushroom-Brie cups. Healthy and delicious food.  Publix always has a way to make things presentable and it's the peak performance when it comes to holidays. Publix Weekly Ad Christmas Dec 16 - 24 is a great example of that regarding the products like platters and food trays. One of the appetizing products of the week is a small prosciutto skewer that will cost $22.99.

Publix Weekly Ad Christmas Dec 16 - 24, 2020

Publix Weekly Ad Christmas Dec 16 - 24 Meat, Fresh Foods, Fruits

Buy your meat from the premium quality product range of the Publix Ad. Whole beef tenderloin will cost $12.99 lb. at Publix supermarket this week. All of these festive products are on sale. Appetizers, meatballs, ham, and more are also on sale. Seasonal fruits can make great sides, too. Irresistible looks of the fresh fruits like pineapple, grapes, apples, and similar seasonal fruits are the fresh ideas.

Publix Holiday Deli-Bakery

One of the delightful parts of any supermarket ad is the deli especially when it's the time for holidays and Christmas. Everything seem perfectly delicious. Publix Deli turkey cranberry whole sub is on sale. Pay $4 for 2 of Publix deli tea or lemonade.

Publix BOGOs

Plenty of BOGO free deals are also available in the Publix Ad. Snacks, breakfast, pantry, grocery, and many more are best to see in the ad. My recommendation is to check out pg 12-17 where the intensity of BOGOs is really high.