Publix Weekly Ad Feb 10 - 16, 2021

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Prepare for Valentine's Day with classic but delicious chocolate boxes, refreshing beverage variety, gift wraps, and more products. You can see a good deal on every kind of product that may be related to Valentine's Day and its romance theme. Publix Weekly Ad Feb 10 - 16, 2021 offers BOGO free deals, too. Hallmark greeting cards or gift wrap will be one of the good BOGO free deals starting on Wednesday. Shop organic foods. Once you get used to the organic foods of fresh vegetables or meat, you will never want to come back. I know that nothing is better than locally grown products, but if you are living in a city, this is, conventionally, as perfect as it gets. Publix Ad offers GreenWise organic salads and more products of the brand.

A recipe of grilled steak with pepper relish is available on pg 3.

Publix Weekly Ad Feb 10 - 16, 2021

Publix Weekly Ad Feb 10 - 16 Fresh Meat and Produce

Come across with the deals of seafood, meat, fresh vegetables that are, I think, the most important part of the ad because you would probably like to make some hot meals that would require a recipe involving some fresh products from a department of grocery. Publix offers salmon cuts for only $5.99 this week.

Plenty of BOGOs in this category:

Publix Deli Products

Deli of Publix is the most favorite department of the brand. The majority of people visiting a Publix store are probably doing that just for those delicious sandwiches. Salad, crackers, brie cheese, and more products are being featured in the new ad.