Publix Weekly Ad Jan 2 - 5, 2021

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It's been a while since the last time Publix published a digital ad after Christmas. And this ad is only for 3 days. It's 20 pages full of savings. Practice some new recipes with the ingredients, meat products, fresh produce which you can buy at a lower cost with the Publix weekly ad Jan 2 - 5, 2021. There is also an extended sale of specials on pg 2. You can save on Wish-bone dressing, Stouffer's or Lean cuisine entreé, Nabisco biscuits, coffee, tuna fish, and more products on that page. After you see the recipe of the week, you can come across with the meat deals, seafood, fresh products, deli-bakery, and the BOGO free deals included in every cateogry. This week's sub is Publix deli chicken tender whole sub. View that and more deli products on pg 8.

BOGO free deals from Publix special sale that will be valid until 1/19

Fresh Food and Dinner Ideas

The resolution of the new year can be shifting your diet to a healthy variety. Organic choices can be good options for you. Publix Ad has some of them at lower prices. It also has ingredients which you can use to make some pasta dinner. Top round London broil, baby spinach can be both great pasta ingredients.

Publix Weekly Ad Jan 2 - 5, 2021


Grab a sandwich or fill your fridge with alternative foods which you can browse on the Publix weekly ad Jan 2 - 5. In this aisle, too, you can spot some BOGO free deals such as hummus or bagels. It really sparks an urge to eat something nice when you see these delicious appetizers and lunch foods. Considering its quality, prices are really good at Publix stores.

Browse the BOGO Free supermarket products, breakfast food, snacks, and beverage on pg 14. Non-food categories like personal care, pet supplies, household products, and more are also interesting sections of the latest ad.