Publix Weekly Ad Jul 15 - 21, 2020

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Before you buy anything, consider browsing the preview ads. Weekly ad previews of the week can be seen on the main page. Here, you can browse all the available Publix weekly ad preview pages. Compared to previous weeks, this one is really high quality. But it doesn't even matter. Tomorrow, this page will be updated and you'll see all deals in high resolution. Browse lobster tails, key lime pie, and more products on the cover page of this ad.

New Publix Sales This Week

Buy your needs at Publix supermarket. It should be already in your favorite list if you are living in the south. In Florida, this store is one of the most popular ones. Not to mention its beautiful interior design. You always find premium quality items in the stores of Publix. And the Publix Ad preview is not different. Come back on Saturdays to see new Publix sales like these:

Publix School Sale

Check out some essentials for school on this page of the Publix Ad. This is from the non-food category of the weekly ad. Find pencils, folders, scissors, markers, highlighters, BiC medium point pen, and similar sort of products in this section. Students will come back to school but they'll still need supplies. Even when you take online classes, you need bunch of stuff to keep things organized.

Learn new recipes with Publix, check out meat, fresh produce, and deli department products, too.

Publix BOGOs Jul 15 - 21, 2020

Check out more products of Publix BOGOs Jul 15 - 21 this week in the new ad. If you are looking for the full list, you may find the official page of the weekly ad where there is the section of BOGO free deals. However, there are important BOGOs in the grocery, meat, and fresh produce, sections, too. Check out some of them to have an idea of this week's sale.

Deli and bakery products are BOGOs at Publix this week:

More BOGOs are surely are the content from this Publix Ad, however, the full list is available on the ad.

Publix Personal Care Deals Jul 15 - 21

BOGOs are not only in the grocery shelves. You may find this one very useful, too. Several BOGO deals on products like shampoos, deodorants, feminine care items, and some supplements can be profitable deals for all customers. Visit pg 13 for them. Publix household category has quite a few deals, too.

Pet Supplies, Cleaning Products, and Laundry Care

Buy the consumables of the dishwasher, washing machine, and buy treats for little friends. Adult dog foods, cat foods, and treats are some of the best deals in the Publix weekly ad Jul 15 - 21. Moreover, the back to school sale is also available on the final part. Visit pg 16 for BOGO free pencils, markers, school glue, and similar sort of products.

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Weekly Ad Previews Jul 15 - 21, 2020 New weekly ads are now available for browsing. Although these are only in poor quality, many shoppers use them to prepare for the next weeks. Before you decide what to buy for next week's regular shop... read more


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