Publix Weekly Ad Mar 24 - Apr 3, 2021

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As in any traditional celebratory day, Publix has the finest food variety and drinks, too. On the first page, there is a satisfying sweet range of products and current prices for the week. Note that Publix stores will be closed on Easter day. More importantly, this ad will be valid until Apr 3. Half-ham, carrot cake, and more products are on sale. But you can make your own festive foods with the recipes Publix has. Ingredients for the recipes of glazed ham, pineapple casserole, creamy asparagus, and more. Find more of Easter on pg 4. That page has the beloved classics of Easter candies. Publix weekly ad Mar 24 - Apr 3, 2021, actually handled everything for you. If you have no time to spare for cooking this ad is perfect for you.

Publix Weekly Ad Mar 24 - Apr 3, 2021

Platters are available on pg 5. They are the quickest solution to make your table look festive and delicious. One of the best parts of the entire Publix Weekly ad Mar 24 - Apr 3, 2021, is the fresh range where you can find meat, fruits, seafood, and more.

Publix Bakery and Deli

I think one of the useful parts of any supermarket ad is the deli-bakery sales. You can find already made cakes, fried chicken, traditional sweets, drinks like lemonade or sweet deli tea. And if you shop at Publix, you must be familiar with how good their deli is.

Publix BOGOs Mar 24 - Apr 3, 2021

This week's special BOGO free deals cover all the favorites. From frozen pizza to breakfast foods like organic milk, 5 pages full of Publix BOGOs can be browsed. Shop frozen food, ice cream, packaged fish, pie, and similar sort of products of Publix BOGO Free sale and save more.