Publix Weekly Ad Nov 4 - 10, 2020

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Make a peri-peri chicken with chicken breast and peri-peri sauce. With rice or pasta with a good sauce, it's a low-cost and delicious dinner. Publix Ad also promotes a 10% discount for Veterans on the first page. Beans, sourdough bread, broth, and more items are also items that you can find on the first page. The ad contains a lot of BOGO deals. The organic foods category is also an important section where you can find GreenWise products. Some ingredients for your hot meals, high-quality packaged fresh vegetables, and more items are available in this aisle. 92% lean burgers, organic carrot chips, and more are going to be on sale. Publix Weekly Ad Nov 4 - 10 offers BOGO free deals.

Some deals are coupon savings. Great additional deals to the in-ad deals. One of them is Publix deli chicken tender dinner and with a digital coupon, you can buy it $.50 off. Read the featured recipe of the week on pg 3.

Publix Weekly Ad Nov 4 - 10, 2020

Publix Weekly Ad Nov 4 - 10 Meat and Seafood

Browse the Publix ad for the new deals on seafood. Ocean's greatest goods that can be high-quality ingredients for your side or main dishes. Matlaw's stuffed seafood appetizers are one of the deals to find on this part. It's a BOGO Free deal. Find more deals like top sirloin steaks. Portabella mushrooms will be 2 for $4.

Also, see Publix BOGOs for Nov 4 - 10. The BOGO deals of the weekly ad can inspire your shopping list. Fresh produce items have a lot of them. Buy 1 Potato inspirations potatoes and get another free.