Publix Weekly Ad Oct 21 - 27, 2020

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Regular food products, Halloween candies, recipes, BOGO free deals, and fresh meat are all in the new Publix weekly ad Oct 21 - 27. A wide range of organic products is also available in this Publix Ad. Buy potatoes, croissants, eggo cereal, and more items on the first page. The deal of the Alessi Risotto is a BOGO Free deal. Save up to $2.69 on that and it will go with a Ribeye Steak perfectly. Carve a pumpkin for the best day of the year. The price of the large pumpkins is only $5.99 each. Candies and snacks like Hershey's are featured on this page.

Read a recipe of pumpkin waffles with Apple Cider syrup. It's the featured recipe of the week. Some ingredients and featured items are also available there.

Publix Weekly Ad Oct 21 - 27, 2020

Publix Organic Food, Meat, and Fresh Fruits

The popularity of organic products increases day by day as the concerns on the healthy living style is on the rise. People are concerned with their health because of sugary products, protective ingredients of some conventional food items, processed foods. Organic items are therefore some of the most popular products in these ads.

October 26 will be the National Pumpkin Day! I don't know you but I love pumpkin and its taste like a flavor in a cake, coffee, ice cream, and another kind of sweets. It feels better than most sweets. Find fresh fruits like grapes and other seasonal products in the fresh category of Publix.

This week's deli lunch foods are being promoted on pg 8. Find healthy and delicious lunch foods like Toufayan Gluten-free wraps which are going to be BOGO Free this week. Receive more deals and ads like Publix weekly ad Oct 21 - 27 and beware of all the deals when you subscribe to the newsletter for free.