Publix Weekly Ad Oct 28 - Nov 3, 2020

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This is the last and a big Halloween sale by Publix Ad. If you are a fan of this holiday subject and dressing up or cosplaying for Halloween the Publix Weekly Ad Oct 28 - Nov 3 Halloween sale is your type of deal. Buy Publix bakery decorated cupcake 6 ct. for only $3.99 this week. Halloween candies, classic snacks, BOGO free deals, large pumpkins, and more are also gonna be on sale. Fall's pumpkin theme was the main thing and color of these ads since the beginning of October. Festive foods and dinner ideas like shrimp platter, NY Strip steak, and more are also the main content of Publix Ad. The new recipe by Publix is Cajun-style chicken and sausage chili. Eat some seafood products that contain Vitamin B. Rare foods from our daily diets usually don't contain that vitamin.

Halloween sale and some treats:

Publix Weekly Ad Oct 28 - Nov 3, 2020

Publix Fresh Products, Meat, and Deli

Find new deals on usual meat products and some canned goods in this section. Maybe your recipe needs some of these items from Publix Weekly Ad Oct 28 - Nov 3 which offers healthy food choices like GreenWise bone-in angus ribeye steaks. In the fresh category, you can also buy something like Broccoli, red potatoes, squash tray, green beans, and more.

Some really delicious and quick foods are available in the deli department of Publix. The sub of the week, pizza, cheddar cheese, and anything else that can possibly help you pack a lunch bag. Great deals are waiting for you. This week's sub is Publix deli turkey cranberry whole sub that will be only $5.99.

Greenwise Organic Products

More people prefer organic foods nowadays. Greenwise is a great brand. Inspected by the authorities and NOP. Organic foods may cost more than conventional items. But the organic versions of most food products is tastier than the regular ones.

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