Publix Weekly Ad Oct 7 - 13, 2020

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Make your breakfast a feast every morning with simple tricks. A little addition like muffins and orange juice can make it fun to wake up in the morning. When you have good food for a nice morning, it's motivating to make you feel alive and wake up quickly. Chicken breast, wings, steak, and more deals are also some items worthwhile to see. Try to get more deals like these. Publix weekly ad Oct 7 - 13 offers boneless New York strip steak for only $7.99. Try GreenWise products. They introduced some new items on pg 2. Salad shrimp, açai powder, and more products are available at Publix this week. Visit the digital coupon page of Publix to save more on these products.

Publix Weekly Ad Oct 7 - 13, 2020

Publix Ad New Recipes, Meat, Fall Fruits

Master your cooking skills learning new recipes all the time. It's always a good way to use your kitchen because hot meals can be eaten 2-3 times. While ordering out will save only that night's dinner. This week, make veggie burger bowl with a new recipe. Buy your meat and fish at Publix. Instead of wandering around the supermarket aisles, you can choose to make a list of what you will buy. Choose the products carefully to save more. Publix Ad offers some deals like these:

Fresh vegetables and fruits:

Publix Weekly Ad Oct 7 - 13 Deli and Bakery

Everybody's favorite department in any Publix supermarket. This week's deli sub is Publix deli chicken tender whole sub that will cost $6.99. Grab some lunch food or early breakfast cakes from the Publix deli department. In-ad deals are being shown on pg 8-9.

Deal hunters always use weekly ads or digital coupons. They are two ultimate tools to save on some great supermarket items.