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Ralphs Weekly Ad California Organic Choices

Hello California people!

Today i'm gonna review Ralphs weekly ad California offers for you. Ralphs is one of the top brands of grocery shopping among the USA. Every week Ralphs is offering different varieties of groceries, snacks, fresh fruits and vegetables, personal care products, household needs, baby products, drinks and beverages for low prices. If you want to get delicious and high quality food, keep on watching our weekly ad reviews.


Ralphs Weekly Ad California

This week i decided to go on a healthy diet as my personal trainer recommended so. I went to one of Ralphs stores in California and got some healthy food.

Here are my favourite organic food of the week:

Fresh fruits and vegetables are very healthy choices in nutrition. Ralphs weekly ad California is offering great deals on fresh fruits and vegetables this week.


I know it's not easy to prepare healthy food for dinner. Everyone gets tired after work and usually attempts on ready to cook and high carb products. As long as you cook your own meal at the weekends for the following working days, you can keep on a healthy diet. For example i prepare a huge salad with fresh fruits and vegetables than eat it for 5 days.

Please check out the whole ad for more healthy choices!

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Albertsons Ad Home and Household Products of the Week

If you do your grocery shopping weekly, i'm sure you know much about Albertsons. The brand new Albertsons ad has already been published. Today i'm gonna inform you about this week's Albertsons ad home and household products. You can learn prices of your household needs, get information about new coming products and compare the prices with other brands.


You don't have enough time to go to shopping? No problem. You can shop online from Albertsons website anytime you want while having your cup of coffee. All products will be delivered to your home or wherever you want!

If you already done the grocery shopping, take a look at Albertsons ad home and household products. There are several items on discount and special offers.

Here are some of them:

Albertsons ad home and household products

How about your pet needs?

Albertsons is also offering cat and dog food for great prices this week. Make your pet happy!


This week's offers also include baby products like diapers, shampoos and more. Get the lowest prices and buy more for your baby!

Check out the latest Albertsons ad for more products. Save more and be happy with Albertsons!

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Kroger Ad Fall Beauty Event for 2 Weeks

Kroger is organising famous Kroger ad fall beauty event again this year. This event will continue for 2 weeks and believe me there are huge discounts and offers that you can not find anywhere else.

A special ad has been published for this event and also you can see some items on Kroger weekly ad. Also there are special coupons available.

There is 20% OFF on colour cosmetics. Get several beauty products before the promotion expires.

Let's take a look at Kroger ad fall beauty event products:


kroger ad fall beauty event

Irish Spring or Softsoap for $2.89 with card
Speed Stick or Lady Speed Stick Deodorant $2.99
Softsoap Hand Soap $1.49
Depend Underwear or Poise Pads $17.99
Poise Pads or Liners $3.99
U by Kotex $1.99
Kleenex Facial Tissue $4.99

These are some of the products of this week's Kroger ad. If you are close to a Kroger store, you can step by after work or at the weekend to get this discount products before they become out of stock. Or if there is no Kroger store near to you, you can also shop online from the Kroger website.

You can download Kroger digital  coupons to your shopper's card.

Don't forget to do your grocery shopping plus to Kroger ad fall beauty event products. There are great offers on groceries and household needs. Getting high quality food will comfort you indeed.

kroger ad fall beauty event 2

Have a nice week!

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CVS Beauty Products Review of the Week

Hello everyone!

Today i'm gonna review CVS beauty products of the latest CVS ad. This week there are several types of cosmetic and beauty products to make you feel clean and beautiful. Also you can find BOGO(Buy one get one free) offers on many items. If you are a woman, you know that buying some products like nail polish remover, makeup remover or shampoo is more often than other beauty items. Because you can run out of these more quickly.

This week CVS is offering BOGO on many most needed beauty products.

Let's take a quick glimpse on some:

cvs beauty products


If you purchase one of OGX Body Wash, Lotion etc, you can get one free.

Hot offer! Dial Body Wash 16 oz or Bar Soap 6 pk BOGO

CeraVe Skin Care, Baby Care or Sun care BOGO.

Dove soaps, body wash or cream BOGO. These products are both for men and women.

Revlon cosmetics all items BOGO


Other than buy one get one free offers, there are special discount products are here this week. Mostly cosmetics and makeup items can be found on CVS weekly ad. Also hair dyes are available. Basically this week's discount offers are here:

Pantene Shampoo, Conditioner varieties are on sale. 2 for $8

Loreal hair dye 2 for $12

Sale on Maybelline lip care 2 for $5

You can find more beauty and personal care products on the latest CVS weekly ad.

Have a great week!

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Target Ad Toys and Superhero Savings

Getting different toys is a kid's number one wish. Finding low price toys is an issue most of the times. Also every parent wants his/her kid to play with educational toys. Target ad toys is here for you to find the suitable and high quality toys for your children with great prices. Also there is a superhero saving this week.

Let's take a closer look this week's Target ad toys offers.

target ad toys

  • Terra Horse Barn ---- Wow this is on sale this week. It was for $79.00 last week and today you can purchase this product only for $60.00. Save 25%. This is sold both at stores and online.
  • Mindware Letter Treasure ---- This is for children age 3 and more. Your kid can get to know alphabet while having fun. It's for $18.00 (10% saving)
  • Mooshka Fairytales Doll Varieties ---- Choose form any Mooshka doll you wish. You can gift one of these to your loved ones also.
  • Li'l Woodzeez Honeysuckle Hollow ---- This is my favourite toy of the week. It's a 90 pieces grocery store. 🙂 It's only for $18.00


Your boy will love these superhero toys. Also your childhood memories will refresh. I'm planning to buy a few of these to myself also. 🙂

For more Target ad toys you can visit your Target store or shop online!